Urban and Regional Planning 01

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ディマ クリスティアン 春学期 4限  
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For the first time in human history, more than half of the world’s population is living in towns and cities and this figure is likely to grow to 80 percent by the end of this century. This unprecedented, unbroken push towards urbanisation that has ushered in a so-called ‘New Urban Century’ has brought the emergence of gigantic cities, or megacities, which present major new challenges to a planet with limited and rapidly depleting resources and profound environmental, economic, political, cultural, social as well as health implications.This course critically examines the relationship between sustainability, resilience, vulnerability, land development, urban governance, urban form, social conflicts and explicates this through the discussion of numerous megacities around the world. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the course considers the intertwined effects of human behavior, technology, and economics on the search for sustainable urban form and liveable, just cities. Intent of the course is to introduce the role of the built environment in relation to issues including energy use, social equity, economics, global division of labour, migration, and demographic change.The course consists of two classroom sessions every week, combined in one single 3 hours block. In general, there will be a lecture during the first session, while the second period takes the form of a seminar, or better, that of an interactive workshop, in which the students’ projects will be presented, discussed and further developed.